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Jayatel's sells prefab Chicken Coops and Chicken Coop Kits


Raising Chickens In Your Backyard


So, you have decided to venture into the world of raising chickens. Taking steps to sustainable living appeals to you. Not to mention, you will have fresh nutritious eggs to supplement your food needs.

The first step is to check the county ordinances in your area to make sure backyard chickens are legal. Also if you have neighbors close by, you may want to tell them about your new pets. This will help to ease any worries that they may have.

Chicks do not need much to thrive. The first two months they need food water and to be keep warm. They also need to be played with. Early interaction will get the chicks accustomed to people.

Once they feather, it is time to move them into a chicken coop. The Jayatel County Store is a great online source for chicken coops. Jayatel’s carries various designs and sizes to fit your needs. They will assistant you in buying a coop that will fit your backyard. Coops will keep your flock safe from predators.

Besides fresh food, what are some other advantages to having chickens? In the scheme of things, they are relatively inexpensive pets and they do not need to be housebroken. They are also very loving pets. Chicks and kids go well together.
The chicks are chemical free weed and pest control. They will eat the bugs that could destroy your garden. They are more than happy to eat weeds and any extra fruit and vegetables. The fertilizer that these animals produce is one of the best around. It is full of nutrients and it is free.

There are many benefits to being able to raise these animals. All you need is a little time, a few supplies, and you will be all set to start this new adventure.

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